Art simplifies life's complexity

What do we do?

We bring stories and brands to life on canvas and in color through live painting performances.


We offer programs for fundraisers, non-profits, ceremonies, conventions, corporate events, and more. We can breathe life into your vision and mission statements, inspire the world to support your cause, or provide a work of art to help your fundraiser make a mark on your audience as well as your fundraising goals. Please check out our list of programs to find out more about our work at CanvasSpeak.

About Canvas Speak

CanvasSpeak is the product of more than 15 years and 2,500 performances by the CanvasSpeak artist collective across the country and around the globe. From California and Florida to Iceland and Guatemala, tens of millions of people around the world have experienced the power of story played out on the paint-soaked canvas of a CanvasSpeak performance.

There are many creative ways to enhance an event and communicate a message. We started CanvasSpeak to become a tool for helping you do just that. The fact is, we as people are wired for story. It’s the most effective vehicle we have to understand and connect with one another on the deepest level. Our pledge and our passion is to help you tell your story in the most memorable and impactful way possible. The ultimate goal is to craft an experience for your audience that will not only communicate your message effectively, but transport them into the world of your story so that they may experience the passion and weight of it like you do.

At our core, we are lovers of story and practitioners of art. What better way to use our talents than to help you tell your story in a manner that will invigorate and inspire your audience to join you on the journey?

From donors and supporters to clients and employees, we are committed to helping you inspire those around you.


It’s about you, not us.

We do not exist to make our own names known. Our company and our artists are dedicated to making sure your organization and message are at the top of every attendee’s mind when they walk away from your event. If they forgot all about who we are and think only of your company’s vision, your organization’s cause, or your fundraiser’s philanthropic efforts, then we have done our job well.

This means our artists take their work as a serious commitment to professionalism. They will not seek to gain the spotlight through showmanship or stage antics, but rather through the excellence of their storytelling on canvas. Their mission is to place a powerful and impactful spotlight on your message. That being said, all of our artists are passionate about what they do and seek to amaze those who experience their work. What you get from a CanvasSpeak artist is a balanced combination of passion and professionalism that will shine through on the stage and in the canvas.


Excellence first, speed second.

We paint fast… really fast! Our fastest performances have been highly detailed images completed in less than 60 seconds.

In fact, we love to “wow” audiences with a painting that seems to materialize right before their very eyes. For many people, performance speed painting is a magic trick unto itself. Here at CanvasSpeak, however, our main focus is never on the speed of the work, but the quality of the finished product. When someone walks away from one of our performances, we hope their first comment focuses on the quality of the work rather than its speed. While we certainly promise to “wow” your audience with the speed of our work, the real CanvasSpeak promise is our commitment to provide you with gallery grade artwork. When you commission a CanvasSpeak performance, we work hard to make sure the end result is something you would want to proudly display in your home, or might even happen upon in a gallery. From the intensive dedication of time and focus in the development process to the countless hours spent practicing and delivering each performance, our commitment to you comes down to one simple word: Excellence.


We invest in experience and training.

Here at CanvasSpeak we have experience, and lots of it. We have been blazing our own trail through the world of performance art for two decades. Over these two decades we have amassed invaluable experience from thousands of performances in front of millions of people across the world.

In addition to many years of real-world experience, each one of our artists is classically trained, having performed intensive studies in their craft at universities throughout the United States with thousands of hours of training, paint brush in hand.

We strongly believe in the old adage, “practice makes perfect.” And while we know perfection is an ideal that pushes us to become better rather than a realistic end goal itself, the purpose of practice is to transform the paintbrush into a continuous extension of our own hand.

We promise to wield our passion and experience in the service of your cause and advancement of your message.


We have a proprietary advantage.

As you may have surmised, we love what we do and we have worked to hone our craft over many years. As a result, we have gained valuable experiences that have granted us unique insight into the creation of fine art from technique and process down to the design of the paints and brushes we use for composition.

 That being said, we came to recognize the missing capabilities of existing paints on the market. Through our experience we identified ways to improve performance through better engineering of the paints we actually use on canvas. Consequently, we set to work with a polymer chemist to create a unique, proprietary polymer paint blend to accommodate our needs for more effectively combining speed, wash, and paint quality. Because of our proprietary methods, the intentional design of our artwork, and the skill of our team, we can customize our paintings to take anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes.