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 Sometimes the loudest statements are the ones made without words.

Who We Are

We bring stories to life on canvas and in color through live speed painting performances. Our systems are the product of more than 15 years experience and 2,500 performances across the country and around the globe. Let us do the same for your organization, cause, or mission with a custom program featuring live painting, music, and compelling narratives to tell your story in a way that will captivate and amaze your audience. We create timeless fine art works with jaw dropping speed and impeccable detail. Our job is to make your message understood and remembered long after the paint has dried…

Who Hires Us

We are interested in working with passionate organizations, proud of their mission and brand, seeking the highest quality professional to bring their story to life. Whether you want the whole world to hear your message or you need a keystone performance to highlight your annual company event or fundraiser, we’re here.


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Dr. Sam Warren

“Recently, we had the privilege of hosting Mike Lewis in FL. My experience with Mike was great. It was good to meet and work with Mike on a personal level, after seeing him so many times at national conventions (much larger than ours). Mike was personable and easy to get along with. We were very thankful to have him at our convention.”

Bret Testerman

“Mike is a great addition to any event. He has a tremendous ability to take a concept that you are working with and adapt what he does to make it come alive. I give him my highest recommendation.”


“Mike is one of the most creative and talented professionals with which I have worked. Mike “delivers the goods” every time we have hired him. He creatively guides and captures the audience. We have received many praises from our guests at retreats thanking us for including Mike in our program.”

Taylor Mason


“Mike Lewis is truly one-of-a-kind, the absolute originator in a business (art) that is filled with imitators. His craftsmanship allows him to plie and create unique and timeless pieces for those observing it years later. Do not miss the opportunity to work with him.”

Steve Krumlauf

“We scheduled Mike to appear at our annual, summer broadcasters’ conference. It was almost magical. His art work was breath taking to all who were fortunate to be there. I highly recommend!”

Jay Pesek

“His work ethic, humility and commitment to excellence are unparalleled in my opinion. Any organization seeking to add depth, excitement and encouragement to their program would be blessed to have Mike as part of the team.”

Robin Sheets

“We had a great day with Mike here and he was delightful and inspiring. Mike is incredibly easy going and I don’t think anything really presented a problem for him. I appreciate all your help with these arrangements. It was an unforgettable morning!”

David Jackson

“It was fabulous. I must confess that I was skeptical when our Leadership scheduled the event. However after meeting Mike and Anne, I became a fan. The event on the ranch on Saturday evening was inspirational and truly ignited the “spirit of Christmas” for everyone that was there."


“Everything was FANTASTIC!"

Kathy St. John

“Your customer service is awesome! You promptly answered every phone call and e-mail. Everyone was so very kind to us. The information and directions you provided were concise! This was our first time to attempt an event like this and you made every step of the adventure enjoyable! Mike Lewis is an awesome artist and individual. Not only is he great at what he does, we all felt like he really wanted to be here! I have heard comments for four days now that what he did and said was appropriate and challenging to all ages. We enjoyed getting to know Mike and the fact that he allowed us to see the world through his eyes for even a short time. A delightful experience. I don’t know how any piece of it could have gone more smoothly. Thanks for your patience with us. THANK YOU!”

Robert Lindsay

“The performance was great! It hit our kids right where they were and made a lasting visual impact on many of them that they will never forget. The way in which Mike works is much like a story-teller with the paint. Mike was awesome. It was great to sit down and talk with him and watch him work. He was on a tight schedule, but he was willing to sacrifice some of his time (which he needed to pack and get ready for the FL trip) to talk with our kids.

Rich Praytor


“Mike’s performance leaves the audience in awe. His show is nothing short of spectacular.”


“Mike was wonderful!. We really enjoyed having him with us. No complaints here. We look forward to using him in the future.”


“Mike did great! He was a big hit. All went well from start to finish.”

Carolyn Cooper

“Mike was absolutely wonderful. Everyone was touched by his creations”

Sandy Song

“We absolutely loved having Mike here. We found him to be very personable and thought that he added a lot to the event. We would love to have him back again, especially now that we know what to expect.”


“I think everything was perfect, from a spectators standpoint it was just awesome, we were talking about in staff meeting this morning how well it coordinated with the event, just so well, it was almost like as soon as they started singing a line, he started painting a certain stroke”

Lori Kinney

“It was really just a great night, tied it together very well, paintings are very cool. Mike was just so great. Easy to work with. Pleasure working with you. Really hope to have him back. Put us on your radar for when he comes back to this area.”

Michelle Dunn

“Mike was awesome. He was the “surprise” for the weekend because we intentionally didn’t advertise that he was coming and everyone was absolutely wowed. The leaders just loved him. Working with Mike when he was here was really refreshing. Sometimes artists come in and can have unrealistic expectations, be demanding, etc., but that just wasn’t Mike. He and Anne were really accommodating and friendly. They were great. Your office was also easy to work with. You, especially, were a huge help in pulling together everything! You were so thorough and quick to respond that it alleviated any potential stress on our part. Thank you!”

Shawn Breeden

“Mike is an amazing artist and gifted presenter. His work is inspiring and leaves the audience moved. I have had the priviledge of seeing Mike on multiple occasions and hired him to present for a family conference in Michigan. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an outside of the box presentation. His message is relevent to all ages and audiences.”

Justin Lett

“It went really well. It was just a lot of fun. We were VERY impressed with Mike. Look forward to doing some stuff with him in the future. Please tell Mike and Anne how much we appreciate them.”

Janelle J Fuhrmann

Senior Partner / Northeast Wisconsin Regional Financial Office

“Everything went very well, just as I had envisioned. Mike is a very kind person and did an awesome job! Everybody really enjoyed his work.”

Jeff Bonnin

“The event went great. Mike is an incredible guy. Thank you for all your help with this event.”

Dan Johnson

“Our people were deeply moved; still talking about it today and will for some time. Mike’s warmth (we have a 4 minute question/ answer time) was genuine and authentic. The visuals were great. It was a great, great morning.”

T. Cessna

“Mike did wonderful as usual. We always appreciate having him.”


“Mike and Adam did a great job. This could not have been any better. Very easy to work with.”

Matt Winkleman

“Things went well. Everyone enjoyed it. I don’t know if we could have done anything different to make it better than it already was. Adam and Mike are just great guys to work with. Everything is pretty much laid out. Everything was good. Not really any problems.”

KC Brock

“Just a quick note to let you know that we were absolutely thrilled with Mike. He is so easy to work with. Our ladies raved about his paintings – we had lots of ladies who were new to our event and had not seen Mike before. Once again, thanks for all your hard work.”


“Everything was wonderful. We love Mike! Thank you all for your professional service and help with all of the details. Hopefully, we can find more ways to have him back.”

Dave Ferguson

“great event, wonderful weekend, great response!”

Michael Haun

“Mike did a very good job. Did what we asked. seemed willing and flexible to slide into the style of program that I had laid out.”


“Our event with Mike ended up being exactly what I had hoped and planned. His painting was a home run for us. Thanks for all your help. We’ll have Mike come again!”


“Everyone was great to work with. Everyone is still talking about the paintings. Thank you for all your patience with us.”

Jerry Grim

“It went fantastic. There was a crowd of 250 to 300 people. It was held outside. We had a band play back-up music for Mike to perform. Mike also spoke. The crowd really enjoyed it. Mike really went out of his way to visit with the kids. We thoroughly enjoyed both Adam and Mike.”


“He was EXCELLENT! Mike made many new friends. We’re definitely interested in rebooking him at future conferences.”

Tic Long

President / Youth Specialties

“Mike has always added so much to our conventions. The artist vision he brings completely engages people in ways that words can’t. He is so easy to work with and has a servants heart. He is the best!”

Martha Sauce

“Everything was great with Mike Lewis. He and his manager were the best! We want to schedule him again for next year. There ended up a big article in our Hood County News written by one of our college students and it drew people in.”

Tracy Wiggins

“Mike was great! It was great to meet him and to work with him on our event. His paintings were beautiful and received well by all who were there. He was friendly with our guests and with us. We enjoyed having him!”


“Had a wonderful time with Mike. Loved his attitude and did a great job.”

John Phillips

“Mike was amazing. He was very flexible and understanding. He was great on stage, and in the workshops. I look forward to having Mike in for other events that I book for.”

Nate Teigland

“The event was phenomenal!!! Mike was very professional and very easy to work with. I can not say a single negative thing about this event. Thanks so much for your help.”